Winter 2006 Winter Wonderland Snow-covered trees in the front yardSaddie's visit Kung Hei Fat Choi Meoww!! Would you like to buy Girl Scout cookies? Lin's Shopaholism display ACCEPTED!

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Tea lecture by James Norwood Pratt Tea with Friends Las Vegas Nightlife "Hi Per, here's my card." Why did they build the Eiffel Tower on top of another building??

The family in the Grand Canyon Beautiful Sedona trekking View over Bell Rock Look, there are people climbing Cathedral Rock!! Close to the peak - Cathedral Rock Biplane view over Cathedral Rock Ready for a trip in the air The beauiful Sunterra resort 'Chillaxing' in the room

Collage of CCD memories CCD Class of 2006 (from left) Kristian, Casper, Victoria, Jonathan, Camilla, Helene, Krissy, Alex, Lin

Kristian blesses Lin... The girls with their 'top secret' gift Photo op in front of the church

Visit by Jan & Pia Fischer - Congratulations, Jan! Connie, Mark, Nina, Per Ole, Lin, Kirsten and Krissy "Little sister" Nina Ye Lunch with surprise guests Groovy Lin rejoices in 'Power to the People' Chef Lin feeds the extended family

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The grand arrival... The star has arrived! Everyone waits in eager anticipation Candy "shoelace" eating contest - go, Kristina go! "Whoa...we're half-way there...oh! Living on a prayer!" Krissy and the proud family(clockwise from top left) Kristina, Megan, Krissy, Liane, Kristen, Kat. Kelli Special performance by "Crossfire" band Red, white and black Photographers Lucy and Paul light a candle...

Class of 2010 Lin as a Graduate Lin, Megan, and Nicole Celebrate your success!

Lin's Pink Confirmation Party Chocolate fondue

Welcome service by Pastor Kristian Danish shopping Family picnic on the grass

Our new 'Parker' 'Free' advertising! Goodbye 'Waldo'!

Lin performing The Little Matchstick Girl (aka 'flowergirl' Marge Carroll's ballet company

New front door Krissy's room Patio renewalTree pruning New open view! Basement foundationUpdate of parent's shower Wonderful!

Happy 4th July! 4th July at West Long Branch Ocean front Lin's 14th birthday pool party

Cayman's Seven Mile Beach This is life ... Cocoplum waterlife Cocoplum beach front Cocoplum condominium Beautiful sunset on Seven Mile Beach Elegant dinner at the Warf Cayman Sunset Sunset on Seven Mile Beach Turtle Steak Deluxe Delicious Conch chowderWhere is the Coconut man?

Dull blow holes Devastating damages from Hurricane Ivan (2004) Re-visit at the Turtle Farm Just tickle me ... Tough choice: Mudslide or Cayman Rum Punch Maybe life is not so bad afterall ... Trimaran to Stingray City Enjoying sunset on Dexter's boatSnorkeling with the stingrays Hello fishies ... Lin and Krissy parasailing Early morning on the Turtle Nest beach Turtle Nest Inn Fashionable but small Did Lin go to Hell?

Great-Grandmother Tove in her new ''studio' Grandmother Ulla in Birkebo, Elsinore Catching up with 'family' in Hornbaek Brostraede icecream has no match - even Gary Grant agrees Soooo Danish: Sausage with bread, mustard and ketchup Danish dinner (hamburger) in Sail Club with the Fishers

James Bay Ketley 1 year! Happy Birthday Jimmy! Oh, he picked the rosary ... will he be priest? First day of High School for Lin - both in CHS Lin's first Credit Card Krissy's first driving lesson Got it! Driver's Permit! Watch out: Krissy is driving! "AAAAAhhhhhh!!"

Halloween 2006 Lin's Halloween Party Autumn BlissFall Foto Fun GS Silver Award Project GS Silver Award Ocean library workshop GS Silver Award - healthy snacks GS Bridging: Lin to Senior, Nina to CadetteThanksgiving with our "American" family

Tea set up for Traditional British Tea Daisie Friendship Tea in FairHaven Girl Scout Tea in Oceanport Girl Scouts of Oceanport Friendship Tea Brownie St. Patrick Tea Tea bags for "Meals on Wheels" Girl Scouts of Howell Mother/Daughter Tea Tea Coach Kirsten The Tea4U team Tea Ladies having tea in Chinatown, NYC Powerful You! Wall chapter LeTip of Ocean chapter

Launch of Alumni Association and Honor Society joined efforts Honor Society brings Three Cups of Tea to the table Three Cups of Tea - copyright CAI School in Pakistan/Afghanistan - copyright CAI Building of a school in Hushe, Pakistan - copyright CAI Girls learn to read - copyright CAI

Per rejoices his great find with Krissy Lin and Kirsten with their Danish cookies Mmmm! "Nu det Jul igen!" Chrismas Eve Merry Christmas! Danish Brunch