enjoying the night at "stay." Girl Scouts from the Jersey Shore at ABC with the ABC anchors at Good Morning America Happy New Year 2009 from Times Square

winter back yard winter front yard Lin playing in the snow in the Majestic Theater Lin with her permit

Gianna and Ana having Valentine's tea Meghan and Lin having tea fancy Valentine's Day dinner

Ella egg hunting James, Julia and her friend Kristine egg hunting The Lahham family egg hunting the Ketley's egg hunting the Matlock's egg hunting The Nartowicz' enjoying the children's egg hunt James and Maj painting eggs

tea table set for the Obama familytea basket ready to be shipped to the White House Lin's letter from Michelle Obama

velkommen til København first stop: Danish hotdogs Beautiful DenmarkDenmark surely is a biking country Tivoli Soft ice in Copenhagen Champagnebrus! Finally - all the Kinder eggs you can wish for ...Bamse, Kylling og Ælling Lin's prom dress from Strøget in Copenhagen Danish drinking culture - shots (not for Maj!) Lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's Grandma's 80th birthday catching up with school friend Emiilie (Ena)Gourmet dinner with Jørn og Jytte our Danish "family" - the Fisher's Birthday party ... April 16th - Queen Margrethe II's birthday Royal Guard in gala bye, bye Denmark

Kazoozles at Bamboozle the 3oh!3 concert - so close to the stage!

Swine flu protection! M&M mmmm .... On Broadway for Wicked!

Skills USA at Holiday Inn Winners of the photography competition Lin with her bronze medal for photography The CHS Skills USA team

delicious dessert buffet by donations I am so sorry, I do not know if Greg willl be here presentation by the school children dear Greg, you are my hero ... Three Cups of Tea projects by the local school children Gerda Liebmann in charge of all the tea - the promised photo with Greg Kirsten having the third cup of tea with Greg Chris Fogler with her school children at TOIS

Maj Kristina 19 years old Smoking? Well, she could if she would ...

Ana lighting the candles for the ceremony Founding CHS students of NTHS well deserved! Lin, Jocelyn, Gianna and Ana with Mr. Allen (L) and Principal Mr. Gleason

the girls and guys all dressed up and ready for prom ready for Prom at the Waterview Pavillion exchanging corsages Lin helping Maj with her corsage the girls in the gazebo the girls by the pool before heading off to prom! Maj and the prom committee -- they each got an orchid as a "thank you" gift

Lin as a Swan princess Lin en pointe Swan dance Lin with Mrs. Carroll

receiving her diploma the whole graduating class of 2009 congratulations Maj! Maj with her "Aunts" Patty, Grace, and Carol Maj and Ian will be continuing their education together at Montclair State Univeristy! the graduate with her proud family the traditional throwing of the graduation caps! congratulations Maj! Maj and Ian's families celebrating! Maj's graduation presents... anklet from Carol, roses from Grace, and swing from Tim and Patty!

breakfast in the Mexican garden setting up for pent in a tent the quad in a pod! visit by our new friend Luke and family Luke's discovery .... pool water Luke found a passion: swimming playing Chicken at Lin's pool party everyone playing football at Lin's pool party the duckies (and Lauren) =P chillin in the gazebo the froshies learning the Hot Potato dance at the Frosh NHS Picnic the Seniors and Frosh at the picnic at Thompson ParkLin and her Ocean Twp friends at the beach the other side of NJ summer weather

Shore Women at Blue Claws networking Shore Women meeting at American Red Cross Shore Women's summer meeting Shore Women's logo by Maj "real life logo" Tea at SWAG

chimneys and vents eliminated by Per new furnace solar panel installation solar panels installed - ready to run solar power station in the basement solar meter to supervise the sun's work of the day Per's monitoring of sun power on the PC  Per testing the Tesla Roadsterwaiting for the new Tesla model S

try green living with Shaklee Yeah, time for a well-deserved beer! Qualcomm colleagues exploring the tea bar - no alcohol? ... For questions ask our Miss Shaklee (Patty Matlock) James, Julia and Lin Susan Lubbe Ella, Paul Ketley and Rami Lahham Lucy and Ella james, Julia and Mrigya's daughter

Shaklee living

the famous face at Grounds for Sculpture Monet's bridge Anniversary dinner at Rats Yummy tuna nicoise salad at Rats Nina and Lin with a 'romantic couple' Lin would make a great statue Grounds for Sculpture

Lin being kidnapped Lin's birthday breakfast at Denny's Jocelyn, Gianna, Lin, Maj and Kirsten at the Zoo Gianna feeding a bird best adventure: feeding the birds exploration at Montclair State University

Wedding rum cake at Marylin and Harold's anniversary Lin ready to do her parallel parking Did it in first try! the Pent - celebrating Lin's SAT scores new cell phones at Verizon Girl Scouts of Ocean learning about "The Truth" by Dr. Barbara HolsteinSecurity ready to receive a visit by the president 44th President, Barack Obama

Maj graduating as a Girl Scout Ambassador Maj working with Qualcomm employees on going green Patty pinning Maj's GS Gold Award First recipient of the Citizen Service Award Front page and two pages in Atlanticville

Go Green Challenge

Per with the staff at Qualcomm, San Diegorelaxing at Estancia, San Diego enjoying a tropical drink at Estancia Kirsten with tea friend Nan Taylor at Fowler, UCLA taiwanese dinner with Josephine and Thomas examining the grapes for Hart wines


"The road less traveled..." Lin taking pictures (of course) statue on top of a tulip hill bathing woman in the mist "Lady in the Mist" Meg, Jocey, and Mae on Monet's Bridge the DigiPhoto girls the girls with all their cameras in front of the museum one of the free-roaming GFS peacocks

2 Pal Drive in fall foliage Jocelyn, Gianna and Lin in costume at the haunted house in Wayside Woods peacock Lin Ms. Clev's costume this year was the CHS Dance Team

Taylor's delicious carrot cake thanks, Lin Lucy and chef Paul ready for Thanksgiving dinner at the Ketley's James and Ella

Jocelyn preparing latkes from scratch Chanukkah hosted by Jocelyn Schneider playing dreidel with chocolate money

this year's tree picked!ready to take the tree home decorating the tree Saturday after Thanksgiving  First day of December making chocolate balls Snowed in - right before Christmas the other side of a 'White Christmas' Little Christmas Eve (Lille Juleaften) Danish meatballs, caramelized potatoes, gravy ... rice pudding (risengrød) Christmas Eve with the Kristensen's   Merry Christmas from the Kristensen's Lin cooking and watching movie with Ocean friends

main entrance.. Welcome to Montclair State University! Maj's new home.. Freeman Hall unlocking the door for the first time!! the dorm room before: a little bland... ... the dorm room after!! full of life!

all the way from Alaska and Taylor only brought 3 boxes and her guitar! Taylor and Maj on a shopping trip to Walmart for last minute necessities! Taylor and Maj made "Eskimo Kisses" for their future roommates and hallmates! fitting everyone (PLUS shopping round two) in the car Lin and Taylor exploring campus on move-in day (University Hall in the background)

the Freeman Family (minus Scott and Bridget) -- who needs 8 beds when we can all fit on one?! Even Snuffy made a new friend! Meet Balto, Taylor's Alaskan Huskie! Ian, Kirstie, Taylor, Bridget, and Maj at the Red Hawk Diner lunch at the Red Hawk Diner spontaneous dance party... just one of the many things we do! the Family at Six Flags Great Adventure -- it rained all day!!

Halloween - the 7 Deadly Sins: Kirstie (Gluttony), Ian (Greed), Faye (Wrath), Taylor (Sloth), Bridget (Lust), Maj (Envy), and Jimmy (Pride) Winterball with Jimmy, Faye, Bridget and Kirstie! (matching was unintended!) skating in Central Park with Kirstie and Taylor Merry Christmas from the Freeman Family!

official student blog

tea anyone?Kirsten and tea friend Judith Krall-Russo exploring tea rooms Tea for Mommy & Me (or grandpa) Tea Circle with Gerda and PattyTea party for Barbara Holstein and friends Kirsten as a Certified Tea Specialist tea party for flight attendants tea party decor, mat by Maj I am a little teapot ... Fancy Nancy Tea Party for Victoria

website Facebook page

Study tour group exploring the tea fields Kirsten sun withering tea leaves Kirsten learning to pick tea leaves Taiwan Tea Study Tour group Kirsten learning about tea from tea master Norman Shu

tea blog Facebook page

dressing up in hats and gloves photo time chicken-apple spread for tea sandwiches tea time Girl Scout garden tea party

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Per Kirsten Maj Lin